I Love Billy was established in 2003 by Kerrie Munro. Kerrie saw a gap in the market for an affordable shoe range that incorporated fun, colour, print, and fashion. I Love Billy is named after Kerrie's youngest son Bill (affectionately known as Billy in his younger years). The name was conceived when one of her sales agents overheard her say "I Love Billy" for the 3rd time that day and suggested that is what she call her new brand. The brand has been going from strength to strength ever since. 

I Love Billy is all about having fun, being young, and making a statement. I Love Billy will have you tapping your toes and strutting with confidence for a fraction of the designer price tag. With looks straight from the high street, designer runways and fashion magazines, our buyers travel the globe, hunting for the hottest shoe trends to bring back with a unique "I Love Billy" twist.