Our Code of Conduct


Munro Footwear Group (MFG) pursues financial profitability and operational excellence, in addition to adhering to the highest possible standards in social responsibility and environmental preservation.

MFG is concerned about the safety and fair treatment of the workers who manufacture the goods MFG sells, wherever the workers are located. To this end, MFG has developed the following Code of Conduct, which applies worldwide to MFG’s suppliers (Suppliers). We select our Suppliers with quality in mind, ensuring strict compliance with this Code of Conduct. We ensure our Suppliers are environmentally stable, and value quality and people above all else. This ensures they are consistent with the values we represent as a company.

In the selection of its Suppliers, MFG works hard to choose reputable business partners who are committed to ethical standards and business practices compatible with those of MFG, as outlined below.

The 11 Essentials

Our Code of Conduct is simple - it binds our Suppliers to ‘11 Essentials’. These are the minimum trading must-do’s
to which our Suppliers are to adhere:

1. Employment is voluntary
Suppliers must not employ any forced, bonded or prison labour. Suppliers should not retain
workers’ original identity papers or hold deposits from them. Workers should receive a written copy of their employment contract clearly defining their hours of work, wages and benefits as well as clearly identifying any additional terms and conditions of their employment. Workers should be free to leave their employment after giving reasonable notice in accordance with their employment contract and any local laws that may apply to their employment.

2. Employees are aged 16 or older
The minimum age for workers should be whichever is the higher of 16 years old or the minimum age set by prevailing laws of the country where the goods are made. Workers under the age of 18 must not work in hazardous conditions and must be employed in accordance with the national regulations for the employment of youth workers in that country.

3. Wages & benefits
Wages must not be less than the applicable legal minimum and must be paid in full at regular intervals. Benefits must not be less than the applicable legal minimum. Any deductions from wages must comply with local laws and any deductions for disciplinary measures are not permitted. Clear written payslips showing how wages are calculated including any deductions must be provided to employees with each pay.

4. Working hours are not excessive
MFG expects Suppliers to comply with applicable laws regarding work hours. Workers should not regularly work in excess of 60 hours per week and any overtime hours are to be consensual and compensated in accordance with local employment laws. Workers are entitled to 24 consecutive hours rest in every seven day continuous work period.

5. Human rights are valued
Suppliers must not subject workers to any form of discrimination in employment, including
hiring, compensation, promotion or termination on the basis of their gender, race, religion,
age, disability, sexual orientation, marital or pregnancy status, family or carer’s responsibilities, nationality, political opinion, trade union affiliation, social or ethnic origin or any other status protected by local laws.

6. No harassment, abuse or harsh treatment
Workers must be treated fairly and with dignity. Workers must not be subject to any physical,
sexual, psychological or verbal harassment, abuse or intimidation.

7. Freedom of association and collective bargaining is respected
Where permitted by local laws, the Supplier must respect the right of workers to their freedom of association and collective bargaining. This includes their rights to join trade unions or representation groups or other worker organisations of their choosing without prejudice, interference or retaliation.

8. Workplace is safe and healthy
Suppliers must provide a safe, hygienic and healthy workplace. Suppliers must take all necessary actions to identify and eliminate any workplace hazards and take reasonable steps to prevent potential injuries to all workers. In particular, adequate provision must be made for the prevention and fighting of fires. In addition to local law requirements, a minimum of 2 fire escape exits must be kept clear and available for each workshop area or floor for all employees. All main and other fire exits must be kept clear and unlocked during work periods or whenever anyone is present in a workshop.

Health and safety training must be provided to all employees, including the provision of protective clothing or equipment/guards for the safe use of any machinery. Chemicals or other hazardous materials must be kept in a safe and secure manner, with appropriate storage and ventilation where necessary. Workers must have access to clean toilet facilities and to safe, clean drinking water. Where provided, accommodation should be clean and safe
and must meet the basic needs of workers.

9. Environment is respected
Suppliers, sub-contractors and their employees must comply with all local environmental laws. Every effort must be exercised to minimise negative operational impact to the environment and human health including air emissions.

10. Sub-contractors comply
Suppliers must not assign or sub-contract in part or in whole any manufacturing process without the written consent of MFG. Any assignment or sub-contracting will not release the Supplier from its responsibility to ensure full adherence to this Code of Conduct in the manufacture of goods or services provided to MFG. Suppliers are also to ensure that each of their contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and sources or whoever provides labour and/or materials utilised in the manufacturing or finishing of goods that are ordered by or for MFG adhere to this Code of Conduct.

11. No gifts, gratuities or ‘kick-backs’
MFG prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption, including any offer of a ‘kick-back’, gratuity, gifts or entertainment services of significant value, or improper payment of any kind, to MFG, its employees or representatives or any third party for the benefit of MFG, regardless of local business practices or social customs. MFG encourages all workers to raise any concerns regarding corrupt or fraudulent business practices to MFG’s Compliance Officer.

Responsibility & Management of this Code of Conduct
Suppliers engaged in the manufacture of goods for MFG must cooperate in the implementation of this Code of Conduct. The Supplier shall post the poster version of this code in English and in the local language in all major workplaces in clear view for all workers and must make the full version of the code readily accessible. They must permit MFG free and unencumbered access to conduct regular inspections of all manufacturing locations (either directly itself or via its appointed agents) and must maintain suitable records to demonstrate their commitment and progress in improving compliance with this code.

The full version of our Code of Conduct can be found on our online at www.munrofootweargroup.com.au or by contacting your manager or our Compliance Officer. Reports of any perceived improper conduct or instances of non-compliance may be made to our Compliance Officer on a confidential basis. We will not tolerate any reprisals made against those making such reports.

The Compliance Officer, Munro Footwear Group
32 Gipps St Collingwood VIC 3066 Australia
OR email: compliance@munrofootweargroup.com.au


Jay Munro
Chief Executive Officer